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Welcome Summer 2022

Bring on the joys of summer! The sun, blue skies, bright greens of new growth and a multitude of bright wildflower colors. Winter is long lasting in our neck of the woods and although our water via snow is so critical for our environment, I can easily say, I don't miss the white fluffy stuff at this moment. This summer I look forward to spreading my wings, soaring high and focusing on all the joys and beauty around our Montana mountains. What will you get up to?

Need a hiking buddy? Drop me a line or come find me this summer at our new community center BASE for Yoga and Pilates or perhaps at Moonlight's Lake Lodge for Floating Yoga or at the Yellowstone Club for Lagree Method work on the Megaformer equipment. Take a closer look at the classes offered on my website and I hope to see you around. Interested in any private sessions, please reach out.

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